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Islam is a religion of peace love and harmony , we give our supporters a chance to show their love by helping the poor people who are going through a hard times , A very special feature of our organization is , we cover the vast area of recent time needs therefore we do not only focus on the financial need of people but we look into the matter in a more dynamic ways , hence apart from financial support , we have discovered other areas also , kindness is not the matter of our pocket , beneath pocket there is a heart who can support and help people in many other areas of life like education children , solving their family issues , so we invite every to join our organization if you feel that you can’t provide financial support but you can join us in other areas also , you can give guidance to the people , along with the financial help or without financial help as well , so please register yourself by defining area where you can help.

Our Events

wo log branded ("packed") medicine ko health hazard smjhate hai aur (Minral water) ko bhi zahreela samjhate hai. Aur un ke pass unho nai jo pani jama kia huwa hai kisi talab aur johar mai us ko wo sehatmand(healthy) samjhate hai.unhai kisi kisam ki sehat and taleem(health and education) awareness nahin hai. aur na he ese areas mai koi awareness program bhi nahen kia jate.

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